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Okay, Maybe It's Not Sexy

by Rich Clingman (07/23/02)

With a mask on my nose, or a mask on my face...

With black straps and Velcro to hold it in place...

With tubes from the floor, tubes over my head...

With air hissing out from the vent by my bed...

With this strange contraption, what a sight I must be!

But breathing more deeply is better for me.

The headaches are gone, during the day I'm awake,

I'm eating much better at my lunchtime break.

Yes, it may look strange, and strange it may feel,

But this is not worn for its sex appeal.

The breath of life at night I am given.

My NIV system is a gift straight from heaven!

Preparation Removes Fear

by Rich Clingman (07/30/02)

Anticipation causes anxiety.

Preparation removes fear.

Ignorance is only bliss

Until the inevitable arrives.

Written for What Doctors Can Do and Be Proactive in Your Respiratory Care

From Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation

These are a few short poems I wrote that Dr. Bach included in various sections of his latest book...

Oximetry Feedback

Headaches, fatigue, a little bit lazy...

Too much CO2 can make me feel crazy!

Decannulation and Conversion to NIV

With the trach removed, I much better can breathe

The only cuff that remains I wear on my sleeve

Decannulation and Conversion to NIV

With mask or with pillows, I breathe through my nose

And the hole in my throat is ready to close

Noninvasive Ventilation in Children

Is it worth the investment?
Is it worthy of your time?
What's the value of this one life?

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