The Battle by Jamys Moriarty (August 9, 1995)

Today I celebrate a victory, the joyous existence of life.

For only four weeks ago, my body was burdened in strife.

It happened unexpectedly, and much to my chagrin;

I was bitten by the flu bug, and the battle did begin.

My lymphocytes assembled to bolster a strong defense;

On the battlefield within lungs, the combat grew intense.

An army of antibiotics dispersed with a trumpeting call.

Unrelenting were the invaders, affixed to my bronchial wall.

My chest muscle mechanics tried to expectorate those bugs;

Still, germs swarmed my airways, building dams of mucus plugs!

Then I recalled reading in Quest of Physiatrist John Bach;

His creative understanding make him a most inventive Doc!

He's pioneered ventilation with a noninvasive technique,

And re-established a coughing machine: The In-Exsufflator unique!

Now the battle still stormed, and my lungs began to tire.

I had to take some action, as it was difficult to respire.

A trip to the hospital, was a journey I wanted to resist,

Hence I dialed up Emerson, to ask if they'd assist.

It was to my advantage--a most fortunate quirk--

That the person I spoke with was New England Rep. Kirk.

As a Respiratory Therapist, he knew I was in vital need;

So he brought down the In-Exsufflator to me top speed!

The machine was a wonder, I could cough and expel!

My lungs breathed deeply as the virus bid farewell!

Today I celebrate good health and pause for reflection,

Many thanks to all who helped me evict that infection!

No need to fear.
Should a virus adhere.
My lungs will stay clear.
With the In-Exsufflator near.

Poem: The Battle
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