I Learned Today

by Terri, Mom of Nathan (14), Alex (10), and Christian (5),
all of whom have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (12/11/01)

I learned a thing or two today,

I learned to stop, I learned to pray.

I learned how precious is a smile.

I learned that money only lasts a while.

I learned that today will surely pass,

And even tomorrow will not last.

I learned that life is not always kind,

But that joy is often close behind.

Of all the things I learned today,

Only one thing will not go away:

My love for you.

I want to tell you what a joy it is to have met all of you--my friends--, and I hope that whatever your faith is, and whoever is your higher power, that in the years to come you will have

Enough trials to make you strong,

Enough love to help you pass through the trials safely.

I wish on you all

That your life will be a blessing,

And that you will pass blessings onto others.


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