Heaven In You


Heaven In You

by Beth to her boyfriend, a man with Duchenne



Did you know that I saw heaven? It's true.
I saw it the day I met you.

At the time it was vague, kinda blue,
But I knew that day that I would always love you.


It was a heavenly light,
And it burned so bright.


It only happened the day I saw you.



Did you know that I can taste heaven? It's true.
I taste heaven every time I kiss you.


You send me flying, dancing in the sky,
But when the winds begin to die,

You take me in your wings,
You guide me back safely as my heart sings.



Did you know that I can feel heaven? It's true.
I feel it when you are holding me and I'm holding you.


It sends pleasant shivers down my spine
When I can feel your heart beating close to mine.

I think of all the things we will face
And seek comfort in your soft embrace.



Heaven is real and it's inside you.
Every word I speak is strong and true.


And this I promise you:
I'll always own a bit of heaven
As long as I'm with you.


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