You\'ve Been Found Out!

You've Been Found Out!

An idea for a "Thank You" note, by Rich Clingman (06/16/01)



This idea was inspired by David, a 17-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, a man who has put his concern into action and is helping his friends with Duchenne.


David got me thinking about the Bible verse that mentions "entertaining angels", and I thought of this…



Here's an idea for a "Thank You" note for those who've helped with fundraisers or personally aided your family or son. This is especially great for handing out after "entertaining" them with a Thank You dinner, a simple cup of coffee, or an ice cream with your son's friends.


What about slipping it under their coffee cup or a small treat and allowing them to "discover" it?




You've Been Found Out!

When first we met, we saw you as a stranger.

Now we know who you really are!


Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by

doing so some people have entertained angels.

Hebrews 13:2 NIV


Thank you for touching our lives!

You truly are an angel!







Be sure to sign for each member of your family.


•     You can put some light-colored paper in your printer, CLICK HERE and print a whole sheet of these "coasters"!


Get the kids involved!

•       For a fancier coaster, glue the signed cutouts onto slightly larger pieces of construction paper, creating a "framed" coaster.

•       Or, on a larger piece of construction paper, glue a picture of your family with the signed cutout beneath.

•       Use your imagination!


Showing gratitude is an important skill for each of us to learn, and people who feel appreciated stay involved. When we display a genuine "Attitude of Gratitude", we are less likely to be mistaken for "that poor little needy family".

You\'ve Been Found Out!
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