Could There Ever Be A Reason?

Could There Ever Be A Reason? by Rich Clingman


I'm afraid to hope lest I be disappointed.
Afraid to laugh lest it make me cry.

I'm afraid to love lest I be rejected.
Afraid to fear lest it all come true.


Where is hope that has no disappointment?
Where is joy to take away the pain?

Where is love that will never be rejected?
Where is truth that frightens fears away?


Do you search for hope and joy and love?
Do you seek the truth that spans all time?

Or are you one who wallows in deep sorrows?
Do you seek the one who holds the blame?


Are you angry with the God of All Creation?
Do you loathe the Lover of Your Soul?

Would you curse the dying Man of Sorrows?
And turn and hide from the One who is the Light?


Somehow God has given man the freedom
To act in wise or selfish, stupid ways.

We curse His name when trials come upon us
Not one thought when He deserves our praise.


Be angry now, your God will not forsake you.
Call on Him. Demand Him to reply.

Then if He whispers or bellows out His answer
Will you still scream, "God, just tell me WHY!"?


Could there ever be a reason
That could justify your pain?
What truth would make you understand?

Call it "simple faith" if you think it simple,
Or your "toughest job"
To reach and take His hand.

Could There Ever Be A Reason?
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