Are You Withholding Blessings?

How Can I Help?

My sister and I were talking about how reluctant she was to accept help from others when her husband became disabled. One friend gently rebuked her and pointed out how she was withholding blessings from others by not allowing them to give, for it is in giving that we receive blessing. You can give and receive a blessing as well, by allowing others to know your needs and allowing them to help.


Be a blessing to others.

Allow them to know the need.

Provide the opportunity for them to be blessed.


And, of course, be grateful. See You've Been Found Out! for one special "thank you" idea.

Are You Withholding Blessings? Rich Clingman (09/19/01)

Perhaps you are afraid to ask
For help on some important task.

Or maybe you're reluctant to
Seek help for what you yourself can do.


When you don't want to seem too needy
You're being just a tad bit greedy.

For you're withholding blessings from
The one whose gift could get it done.


A blessing it is to help one in need,
And you'll be blessed if you take heed,

For every heart longs to live and grow
By having the love within it flow.


It's not just the parent or the special boy
Who needs to fill each day with joy.

We others need to know life counts
And giving love removes all doubts.


Perhaps you feel you don't deserve
What others give when they serve.

No one "deserves", but that should not keep
The blessings that others, by helping you, reap.


Your child is a special gift
And other hearts his life can lift.

As your needs are made known in thoughtfulness,
Another life your gift will bless.

Are You Withholding Blessings?
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