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NIV Mask Options

NIV Mask Options

A nasal mask is held in place with straps or headgear. An ADAM circuit (left and center) and a BREEZE ciruit (right) are shown. The BREEZE uses stiff plastic to "clamp" the mask in place, and therefore requires no headgear and fewer straps.

An ADAM circuit nasal mask with full headgear.

In foreground: A pulse-oxymeter "pulse-ox" that is used to monitor blood oxygen saturation level.

A visiting Resident demonstrates a BREEZE circuit with nasal pillows. Minimal strapping is required since the device holds itself in place fairly well.

With nasal pillows, the air is passed directly into the nostrils with small cushions acting as seals.

Mouthpiece Ventilation

More Mask Options

Another Respiratory Therapist demonstrates a full face mask.

CRITICAL -- Masking The Mask Holes

Nasal masks (designed for use with continuous flow CPAP and Bi-PAP devices) must have their exhaust holes covered when using with a volume vent (IPPV).

NIV Mask Options
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